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We are an independent company managed by its owners located in Saint Louis, Missouri. We have been providing janitorial services in not only the Saint Louis area and its surrounding neighborhoods, but out of state too. Our Janitorial Operation team manages all accounts such as single and multi-tenant buildings, medical, educational facilities, warehouse distribution centers, and more. Nieto Cleaning focuses on delivering a consistent and exceptional service experience. We are an operation that strives at providing top notch services for all our clients.

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Trees and Mountains


Who is going to take action in the destruction of the planet? First, let's point the finger at the right people - ourselves. That's right, ourselves. At Nieto Cleaning, we are committed to preventing environmental destruction.


Green Products: We ensure to consume green products that don't harm our planet.


Reusable materials: instead of cleaning with a paper towel, we clean with clothes.


 Concentrate Cleaners: We buy concentrate chemicals that can be mixed with water instead of purchasing multiple chemicals in spray bottles. In addition, our team members are educated on how to use the right amount of solutions.


Equipment Maintenance: Simply implementing a maintenance program extends the life of our equipment.


Recycling Program: We recycle any cleaning container that can be recycled and work with our clients on implementing a recycling program in their properties.


Energy Efficiency: We clean section by section and turn the lights off instead of keeping ALL lights on in the entire building. 

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