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6 Reasons to Start the Year Right With Commercial Cleaning Services

Start the New Year With a Clean Workspace New Year, new office. When you’re compiling your list of New Year’s resolutions, it’s likely loaded with the greatest hits: hit the gym more, read more books, build a boat, spend more time with friends and family, etc. These are all worthy causes of course, but don’t neglect your business resolutions as you attempt your personal resolutions! More specifically, it’s time to make the resolution to keep your office or workspace spic and span with commercial cleaning services from Nieto Cleaning Company. If you need some convincing, here’s our list of the top six reasons why you should start the year with regular professional cleaning services.

1. Impress your clients You might make the best widgets in the industry, but if your office is a mess, clients will abandon your business like a sinking ship. Using commercial cleaning services shows them that you are committed not only to their comfort, but also to your own business. No client will believe in your company unless you believe in it first, and the investment in a professional cleaning service is the best way to show it. 2. Prepare for a possible COVID surge Life seems to be gradually getting back to normal, but projections for a possible COVID surge this winter are looking rather grim. Caution is a virtue in this kind of environment, so making sure that your employees and customers are safe with regular disinfection of common areas is vital. Regular service from a professional cleaning crew is your first line of defense in keeping your business safe.

3. Improve morale The short days and chilly nights can be a real drag on office morale, and there’s increasing evidence a tidy workspace does wonders for employees’ mental health. Don’t let the winter doldrums negatively impact your workers’ productivity, show them that you care by providing them a clean and uncluttered work environment by having the office regularly cleaned. 4. Decrease absenteeism Nothing affects productivity as much as a round of callouts in the workplace. Luckily, you can stay ahead of office bugs and decrease employee absenteeism by making sure that your business is properly clean and free of airborne illness and common allergens. Mold remediationcan do wonders for the lung health of the team that keeps your business running and regular cleaning of common areas is an effective way to reduce the transmission of disease. Safety and sanitation are vital, so make sure your employees are well taken care of through regular commercial cleaning services.

5. Save money this year Office cleaning is an investment in your business that will end up saving you money in the long term. Vents, ducts, and air filters should be regularly cleaned or you risk costly repairs to your HVAC system. Stripping, waxing, and sealing your floors will protect them not only from unsightly stains, but also damage that may necessitate reflooring, which comes with an astronomical price tag. The best cure is prevention, so hire a commercial cleaning crew to take care of your office so that you don’t end up hemorrhaging money on repairs later.

6. Benefit the environment Have you ever considered just how much waste goes into a cluttered and dirty office? If you’re constantly misplacing important documents you’re using double the amount of paper that you should be, which not only hurts your bottom line, it also causes more trees to be sent to the paper mill. LIkewise, dirty and improperly maintained heating and cooling systems are enormously wasteful, using a staggering amount of energy to achieve a result that is far less satisfactory than it would be if they were regularly cleaned. Take the Earth into consideration and you’ll see that a commitment to a clean work environment is also a commitment to the environment at large. As you step into the New Year, make sure to make the cleanliness of your business a priority by securing regular cleaning services from Nieto Cleaning Company. We’ll work with you to find the perfect cleaning solution and make sure that 2023 is a year to remember!


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