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The Health Benefits of Regular Commercial Cleaning

The Importance of a Clean Space

Keeping your commercial space clean and sanitary by hiring a commercial cleaning crew is a wise investment on several different fronts. For one, it shows both clients and employees that you take your business seriously and creates an inviting and professional environment.

However, there is an often overlooked benefit of regular commercial cleaning: health benefits for both clients and employees. Let’s take a look at some of the ways in which everyone involved with your business will benefit from commercial cleaning in terms of their own personal health.

Better Employee Productivity Not only are employees able to perform their work better and more efficiently in a clean environment, regular office disinfection and sanitation will reduce the spread of germs and lead tofewer sick days taken by employees. As a small business owner, you likely know what it’s like to have a wrench thrown into your projects and daily operations when there is a bug going around the office. If team leaders and managers are calling out sick, the company can quickly fall into disarray. When you invest in regular cleaning, a professional crew will reduce the spread of disease by disinfecting high use areas in the office, such as restrooms and elevators. By keeping your office clean, you are also keeping your employees safe and healthy so that they can focus on what matters for the company.

Reduce Bacteria and Cross Contamination

All adults know how to clean, but not everyone knows the best practices for keeping surfaces sanitary. When facilities are cleaned by laypeople and office workers, the problem is that many people might accidentally be making common areas dirtier than they were before. If the same mop water that was used to clean up a knocked over plate of food is used to mop the restrooms and then is used in the common spaces, what has happened is the spread of bacteria, not the elimination thereof.

A professional cleaning crew knows the best ways to make sure that an office or commercial place is cleaned properly without the risk of cross contamination.

Improve Air Quality

Even if your office manages the impressive feat of being completely free of germs, there are other health factors to consider, such as the air quality of your office. Carpets, windows, and climate control vents trap and then spread dust, environmental pollutants, and allergens that can cause respiratory issues among clients and employees.

Regular cleaning ameliorates the risks associated with poor air quality by removing it from your commercial premises.

Reduce Your Own Liability

If you think it might be a good idea to save some pennies by putting your office workers in charge of cleaning duties, you might want to think twice.

When you expose your employees to potentially hazardous activities such as heavy lifting, walking on wet surfaces, or climbing ladders, you are opening yourself up to a liability nightmare.

Where a professional cleaning company is trained to mitigate risks and is properly insured in case of injury, requiring employees to engage in potentially risky labor that is outside of the purview of their employment, you are risking financial and legal liability.

Reduce your liabilities wherever you can by hiring a regular professional cleaning company to take care of your janitorial needs.

Improved Mental Health

This is an extremely important factor to consider for not only your employees, but also yourself. Research has demonstrated that people who operate in clean environments experience less depression, lower levels of stress hormones, and less anxiety.

Remember, both you and your employees will spend a great deal of time in your workplace, and it is important to remember that not all health issues are immediately visible. Giving both you and your employees a clean and sanitary place to work is a significant way to boost morale and care for everyone’s mental health.

If you’re ready to invest in the well-being of you and your employees, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. We have years of experience in the industry and know the best ways to keep things clean for your health.


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