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Why You Should Hire a Local Commercial Cleaning Company

Trust the Ones Who Know Your Community Best Your business needs a professional cleaning service to perform regular preventative maintenance on your facilities. A regularly scheduled maintenance program will have your offices positively sparkling for clients, lower employee turnover and callouts, and help your property last for ages to come. The benefits are too great and the negative possibilities are equally drastic. So who should you hire for the job? Do you trust a large, faceless national franchise, or the local guys who live in and know your community and business? In case that question wasn’t leading enough, allow us to answer: You should absolutely hire the local commercial cleaning company.

Accountability to You When you hire a local cleaning company, you’re contracting with people who live in and know the community they’re in. People know them as well. A local cleaning company lives and dies by its reputation, so they have a vested interest in making sure you, the client, are always completely satisfied with the service you are receiving. A few one or two star reviews on Google or a negative experience shared by word of mouth and a local company is essentially tanked. A large, national firm or franchise has no such obligation. After all, they make their profits by volume of contracts served, not by the strength of their labor. It’s a question of company values: quantity versus quality.

Expect Superior Customer Service Have you ever had the misfortune of calling one of these huge companies? You’re put through the ringer of circuitous phone menus and when you do finally reach a human being, it’s never the same person twice. If you don’t become a regular client, it’s not a problem for them and that’s why national companies have such terrible customer service. On the other hand, for a local company to survive in such a fiercely competitive market, they must provide the highest quality of service, from beginning to end. The nature of the business means that a local cleaning company is beholden to your needs, not those of shareholders. It’s no wonder then that 81% of consumers report that local small businesses have superior customer service.

Superior Knowledge of Local Needs A large company headquartered in California or New York City doesn’t know or care about the unique climate of Eastern Missouri. They don’t know about our air pollution and the special steps that can be taken to improve the quality of air indoors. Why would they? Their companies are based elsewhere and they don’t have the capacity to focus on the particularities of each individual area they operate in. A local company, on the other hand, knows about the specialized knowledge required to fully clean a commercial establishment. They know the seasons and the weather conditions that make each place unique. They can recommend services based on the climate and do away with the ones that are not needed at the time. A local company knows the area, so they are able to anticipate your needs and provide you with the stellar customer service that you can only get when you support a local small business.

We're Local & Ready to Provide Excellent Customer Service Accordingly, local small businesses are able to accommodate client requests, whether it be a particular project or a preference in cleaning products. Customer service is the name of the game, and with a local presence, a company such as ours is able to provide that superb service based on actually knowing the area they are serving. If you are looking for a commercial cleaning service, we encourage you to choose a local company such as ours. We provide the absolute best service and are directly accountable to our clients. Call us today for a free consultation and let’s get your commercial space looking its best!


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