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Single Tenant Buildings

At Nieto Cleaning, we believe that Cleaning Always Matters. We improve productivity by providing a healthy cleaning environment. At Nieto Cleaning, we take pride in ensuring that every service we provide meets our customers' expectations. That's why we focus on delivering a consistent and exceptional service experience. 


Some of the benefits of Nieto Cleaning

  • Consistency

  • Ownership

  • Periodic Quality Control Inspections

  • Special Services 

  • Hiring and Training team members 

  • Maintenance equipment and supplies 

When your customers walk into your business they will see the Nieto difference too! We know first impressions are everything, that is why we specialize in making your lobby, main entrance and even your elevator space look stunning!

For single tenant buildings we offer a variety of services catered to your specific needs. From trash disposal, bathroom cleaning, mopping to a whole lot more at Nieto cleaning we are ready to take on the challenge! 


We would love to speak with you to figure out your business needs!

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